LIFE(Y) · 2019 · Dir Cristobal Catalan

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‘LIFE(Y)’, a multi-award winning film exploring issues surrounding mental health and loneliness, is currently doing the festival rounds. It is the short tale of a middle aged man enduring the solitary confinement and monotony of a modern existence.... He yearns for a human connection, however unusual or mysterious.

Isolation has a strange effect on humans. Very subtly, days coalesce, routine blurs, space and time becomes insignificant... It’s possible that most of us maybe don't even know that we’re in a state of advanced solitary confinement. 'Life(y)' is about temporality and the isolation of a modern city existence. The protagonist's metropolitan life could be either his ‘peace’ or his 'purgatory'.

The protagonist's modern life could be either his ‘peace’ or his 'purgatory'.


Short Film, UK, 2019
Running time: 8 minutes
Language: English
Aspect Ratio: 1:85
Camera: RED

Starring: Wade Bailey
Man in Park: Csaba Kardos


Written & Directed by: Cristobal Catalan
Produced by: Karl Man
Director of Photography: Simon van Parjis
Executive Producer: Vince Choo
First Assistant Camera: Nick Galbusera
Gaffer: Alex Magill
Sound Designer: Claire Stevens

Assistant Production Coordinator: Marek Dabrowski
Steadicam Operator: Beau Pritchard-James
Editor: Cristobal Catalan
Music Composer: Ethan Helfrich
Colorist: Simon van Parjis
Visual Effects: Seymur Mammadov

Side Note:
Using key symbolism, for example, the leading character's skin condition. I wanted to strip the film down, to a minimalist tone, in the vein of my inspirational heroes of Italian Renaissance cinema.