A Thousand Eyes

Site Specific Installation


An interesting and growing London based dance company, Tanztheater Look, invited me to create a project which will achieve Arts Council funding. Following consultation period, I created the original concept and artistic process for this project which went on to achieve the dance company's maximum available limit of Arts Council funding.  I was also Co-Artistic Director and Visual Director in my capacity, working with the choreographer and dancers. In collaboration with the lovely team, I implemented the integration of body mounted cameras on dancers, working on various artistic interests, such as perspective and voyeurism, regarding into the synergy of visual, performance and technology.

The work reflected my interests in voyeurism and self-reflexive perspectives. The first stage in a potential touring installation, the research and development project with a final performance at Waterloo Station, London. The end results were created by exploring the relationship between body mounted cameras, performers, perspective and dance.