“Cristobal's expertise was a huge asset. He created a number of works which formed part of the marketing campaigns for various productions, some of which were subsequently shown on national television (eg. BBC and SKY News). Our online audiences increased substantially under his watch.”
– Emma Simon (Head of PR, Media and Marketing at the English National Ballet)


Creator & Director

I support organisations, companies and individuals to create projects, design concepts and develop projects.

As a Creator, I am especially interested in creative initiatives which promote well-being and inclusivity.

As a Director, I offer an emphasis on strong content. Narrative innovation is key, including immersive technologies, such as Virtual/Augmented Reality and holographic projections.

· Film Direction
· Concepts, Writing and Ideation
· Development Producer
· Project Development
· Creative Producer

Funding Advisory
Immersive Technology
Digital Media
Curator & Programmer


Film Director
Script Writer
Executive Producer
Script Writer
VR & AR Director

Cross-Cultural Engagement
Partnership & Funding
International Creative Management
Cultural Management