Cristobal is an artistic director, creative producer, conceptualist, artist and curator.

Cristobal's works have been exhibited widely in academic, art and commercial contexts, including MOMA, BBC, the Place and commissioned at Sky Arts TV. His works have also been selected for numerous international moving, still and theatre festivals, including London Soho Rushes Film Festival of Cinematic Art and the London Spanish Film Festival. 

A strategist, advisor and creator of various international grant and funding awards for multi-platform projects he specialises in interactive theatre, installation, immersive technology, visual-artistic practice and performance. Cristobal supports organisations and individuals to create funding ideas, proposals and develop creative enterprise, from conceptual design to visual or artistic direction. He has programmed festivals, created funded projects and advised on artistic company development.

Working principally in Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Theatre, Installations and Film, Cristobal's works as Director explore issues of perspective, ethnography, health, education and their relationships to new advanced technologies. 


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He is on the board of the Asia Ethnographic Film Festival and is published widely in both peer reviewed academic and commercial contexts, including the Lancet Medical Journal, Bright Lights Film Journal, The Guardian, Washington Post, South East Asian Studies Journal and the Financial Times. He has also chaired and curated events on intercultural mental health and technology at LSE and the University of London. He also co-paneled the 'Mental health in Asia' conference at the University of London with Professor Simon Dein in Spring 2016.


· Interactive & Immersive Media
· Technology & Science
· Visual Communication and Performance
· Anthropology of Futurism
· Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality