Cristobal Catalan is an award winning film director, creative producer and virtual reality director working in the performance arts and sciences. Cristobal’s focus on high value added story and visual aesthetics has won him collaborations with esteemed art organisations such as the English National Ballet, Royal Ballet, Royal Photographic Society, Somerset House, Rambert and Acrojou Circus. His diverse commissions have involved works with MAC and Swarosvki, as well as collaborations with celebrities such as choreographer Tamara Rojo, fine artist Duggie Fields, renowned dancers Yonah Acosta and Daria Klimentova, artists Jessie J, James Bay, George Ezra, Passenger, as well as World Dance winners and Britain’s Got Talent finalists Flawless.

Offering a combination of artistic, commercial and technological advances, Cristobal unveils and transforms the art experience using effective technology and media. His focus is not only about what an audience can see; it is also about what an audience feels on a deeper level.

· Interactive & Immersive Media
· Film & Video
· Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality

Cristobal’s works have been screened and exhibited widely in academic, art and commercial contexts including MOMA, BBC, Tenderpixel Soho Gallery and Sky Arts Channel. His works have also been selected for numerous international film festivals including London Soho Rushes Film, Festival of Cinematic Arts and the London Spanish Film Festival. 

Wearing many different hats, Cristobal has also programmed significant cultural festivals, chaired research health symposiums, acted as film festival judge and curated various art programmes. In addition to working in digital media and technology consultancy, he also sits on the board of the Asia Ethnographic Film Festival, Fertile Ground Dance and is the founder of the VR Arts & Sciences Experimentation Collective.